A company that manages the work, investments and development of companies from the Kufner Group

Mission and vision

The quality policy is a document of the quality management system that includes the factors undertaken by the organization to achieve quality.

Success is based on the innovation of our people and the quality of our products and services. Customer satisfaction is our reward.

We want to transfer a century-old tradition into the future. We will be the initiators of new ideas and create lasting values.

Further development strategy


Opening of new capacities and modernization of existing capacities

New markets

Entering new markets, both by territorial expansion and by investing in expanding the use of high-quality dolomite raw material

Products and services

Introducing new products and improving existing products and customer service

Vertical integration

Ensuring top quality products and services

ISO 9001

The quality management system is established and maintained according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and according to the following principles.





Strategic goals of company

Achieving customer satisfaction of products and services, stakeholders, while maintaining a positive public image of the company.

Concrete and stone materials

We want to ensure the availability of resources, development of new products and services and the adoption of the best available technologies that guarantee high quality products in the production process.

Slika prikazuje ljude na sastanku

Human resources

Human resources are the key to future development and success. We strive to select highly motivated, educated people ready to acquire new knowledge and continuous learning.

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